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Exploring New Zealand


This part of the site is dedicated to travelogues and diary-type reports on various New Zealand experiences. Exploratory Trip (February 2007)

A 12-day reconnaissance dash around large areas of the North and South islands of New Zealand.

Lord of the Rings Tour Diary (September 2005)

A 13-day Lord of the Rings-themed tour of New Zealand, covering both the North and South Islands, and taking in some 30 film locations and related activities.
  • New Zealand LOTR Tour Diary Part 1
    The arrival, Hobbiton, Mordor and the Emyn Muil, Mount Doom and Gollum's fishing pool
  • New Zealand LOTR Tour Diary Part 2
    River Anduin, scene of Arwen's vision, visit to Chris the horse trainer, meeting with Erica of, Daniel Reeve the calligrapher, "Get off the Road" location, Embassy Theatre, elven cloak factory, leaving Lothlorien location, Rivendell location and the gardens of Isengard
  • New Zealand LOTR Tour Diary Part 3
    Edoras, Pelennor Fields, great chase, orc canyon, burnt Rohan village, Amon Hen and Ithilien
  • New Zealand LOTR Tour Diary Part 4
    River Anduin, orc funeral pyre and Fangorn forest outskirts, breaking of the fellowship location, Warg attack, refugees leaving Rohan, Gandalf rides for Gondor, and Eowyn prepares a "tasty" stew