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Exploring New Zealand


The sign at Have A Shot sets the scene

The Have a Shot complex is one of a cluster of intriguing little tourist attractions based on the eastern outskirts of Wanaka. As you leave the town on Highway 6, you pass it on the right hand side of the road. It's just a few kilometers from the centre...opposite the airport.

Have a Shot is aptly named, since it's a rare opportunity to play with a few "weapons" without roughing it on a hunting trip or endangering the local wildlife.

Small bore rifle shooting at Have A Shot, Wanaka

Those with a traditional bent can try clay pigeon shooting or use the small bore rifle range. Anyone with a more competitive nature can join friends on the sponge ball battlefield. And Tolkein fans fresh from a "Lord of the Rings" tour might want to see if their archery skills match those of Legolas the elf.

Bow and rifle enthusiasts get the added bonus of keeping the paper targets you've aimed at. A permanent souvenir of your success (or failure).

The various shooting ranges radiate out from a central building housing the reception area. Each shooting position is covered, so this is an all-weather facility particularly suited to those dreary days when another long wilderness walk seems so uninviting.

The prices are reasonable, all necessary equipment is provided, and the staff friendly and helpful. So there's no need to feel embarrassed if you're inexperienced. The idea is to have fun rather than win any medals. Full instruction is given before you're let loose on any projectile weapon.

Targets aplenty on the Have A Shot golf driving range, Wanaka The mini golf course at Have A Shot, Wanaka

Those looking for shots of a gentler kind have an 18-hole mini golf course or 12-tee golf driving range at their disposal. If you manage to smash an old television with your tee shot, or land a golf ball in a white oil drum, then prizes await. For an extra fee you can also enter the hole-in-one competition.

If you're obliged to wait around while a companion tries hitting a few bullseyes or distance markers, then there's seating, local newspapers, magazines, snacks and drinks available in the central reception area. Unlike many such establishments, the owners seem happy to allow spectators to watch those taking part in shooting or other activities, as long as they don't hinder other guests or range safety.

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