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Hokianga Area Guide

The Hokianga is the name given to an area around an expanse of inland waterways on the Northland west coast, below Ahipara, west of Kaikohe and above the Kauri Coast.

The Hokianga Harbour entrance is around 50 km further down the coastline from Ahipara and the river formations then stretch northeast toward the Bay of Islands, bounded by Broadwood and Mangamuka Bridge to the North and Horeke to the South.

There are no major towns in the area, just a few diffuse villages and settlements, including:

Opononi: close to the river mouth on the south side of Hokianga and former home to Opo the dolphin. Opo achieved national fame in the mid-1950s when she would regularly play with swimmers in the harbour area.

Omapere: the informal gateway and featuring the Hokianga's main information centre.

Rawene: a scenic and historic village, home to the southside ferry crossing point.

Kohukohu: the village closest to the northside ferry crossing point and home to many artists.

The Hokianga area doesn't share the tourism limelight of its neighbours to the north and east, but has its own appeal through a mix of unspoiled river and shoreline landscapes, incorporating Kauri and mangrove forests, the unique stone formations at Wairere and the coastal dunes.

The local infrastructure caters for typical outdoor activities like boating, walking and horse trekking, and you can choose from a small, yet diverse, range of accommodation options. A relaxing stopover point before exploring the more popular bays and peninsulas elsewhere in Northland.