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Mangonui Area Guide

Wharf at Mangonui - Mangonui Harbour
in Doubtless Bay - ©
Thanks to its stores and restaurants (and the lack of any sizeable competition), Mangonui counts as the "urban hub" of Doubtless Bay. Though it's perched on the southeastern extreme of the area, the extensive beaches at Coopers Beach, Cable Bay and Taipa are all a short walk or drive away.

A small fishing village, Mangonui's biggest claim to fame is the local Fish and Chip shop, built out over the water and winner of various national culinary prizes.

Those with a more historical bent should find the time to peruse the village's Heritage Trail, which takes in historic sites from both Maori and settler history. And if you prefer the open water, Mangonui is also home to various fishing and sailing charter vessels.