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Exploring New Zealand

Cape Reinga Area Guide

Cape Reinga and Spirits Leap - ©
Cape Reinga is the northern tip of New Zealand, where the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea meet. According to Maori legend, it's the place where the spirits of the departed leave for the underworld via a pohutukawa tree. The area is also home to an unmanned lighthouse.

Cape Reinga is also used as a euphemism for the general Aupouri Peninsula area. In particularly, you'll see numerous tour and travel operators offering trips to "Cape Reinga" which take in various sights and activities along the peninsula, as well as the Cape itself.

Most of these tours leave from towns outside the area and are not organized locally. So if you're looking for day trips to Cape Reinga, check out tour operators in places like Kaitaia, Ahipara and Paihia.

Cape Reinga itself is very sparsely "populated", accessible only by unsealed roads, but does offer opportunities for typical outdoor activities like fishing and hiking. Most infrastructure is further south on the peninsula, but there are a couple of Department of Conservation campsites nearby, for example.


Cape Reinga Lighthouse popular

The country's most visited lighthouse, on the northern tip of the peninsula. Built in 1941, it now runs automatically with no keeper.