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Aupouri Peninsula Area Guide

The Aupouri Peninsula is home to two of New Zealand's best-known attractions: Cape Reinga and Ninety Mile Beach.

The former marks the northern tip of the country, with particular spiritual significance for the Maori culture. The latter is a long stretch of unspoilt coastline, home to the Te Paki sand dunes commonly used by visitors for sandboarding.

Ninety Mile Beach, though part of the peninsula, is generally accessed from the "gateway" of Ahipara. And Cape Reinga is usually a day-trip destination for visitors staying in Kaitaia, the Bay of Islands and elsewhere.

As a result, the peninsula itself is unspoilt and relatively free of overt tourism development. A few small settlements are scattered about the region, the "largest" being the Pukenui and Houhora Heads areas bordering the Houhora Harbour. Accommodation is not plentiful and tends to be of the camping / holiday park variety.

Given the peninsula's wilderness areas and three coastlines, it's no surprise to learn that hiking and fishing are popular activities!