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Ahipara and Ninety Mile Beach Area Guide

Walking on giant sand dunes
on Ninety Mile Beach - ©
Ninety Mile Beach has two main claims to fame. The first is its undoubted value as a visitor attraction, providing long stretches of unspoilt beach, with towering sand dunes and plenty of space for fun or relaxation.

The second is that it's not even close to ninety miles long (just over fifty miles is more like it).

The beaches stretch up the west coast of the Aupouri Peninsula and are a popular stop for coach trips from Kaitaia, the Bay of Islands and elsewhere as they travel up to Cape Reinga. Others choose to explore the beaches on foot or quad bike, before tobogganing down the sand dunes, particularly those at Te Paki.

The small town of Ahipara is the unofficial gateway to the beach and sits at the southern end in its own bay, flanked to the west by Tauroa (Reef) Point with its excellent surfing.

Ahipara hosts a lot of beachfront accommodation, mainly self-catering holiday homes and units, but most of the local infrastructure is in the nearby town of Kaitaia.

Nevertheless, you can still find places to hire kayaks and surf boards, or quad bikes for traversing the dunes, coastline, and local gumfields. Fishing charters are also available, with Ninety Mile Beach home to the national Snapper Classic fishing competition each February.